71129-01Product Number: 71129-01

SLDIM master

SLDIM master dimmer is designed to work with the ‘Live’ wire, no ‘Neutral’ wire is required for connection. This makes the dimmer easily retrofit to normal ON/OFF switches. The dimmer has a dial knob to control the brightness level. Additional dial knob control modules (SLDIM slave) can be purchased to connect to this master dimmer to extend the brightness dial control to several locations. The master dimmer and the control modules are designed to retrofit existing dual pole, triple pole and quad pole wiring circuits without the requirement of re-wiring. Only simple wire connections and plug and play actions are needed.

Since different brands of LED bulbs have different dimming control circuits, the SLDIM master provides user friendly maximum and minimum brightness tuning to define the dimming range and this makes the dimmer work with most brands of LED bulbs and dimmable electronic transformers.

Some LED bulbs require a large amount of power to turn on and so do not illuminate at low brightness levels. The dimmer provides a programmable trigger function which ensures a chain of combination of different brands and rating of LED light bulbs connected to turn on at the same time while in very low dimming brightness levels.


Dimensions 44 × 8,4 × 84 mm
Weight 99 g






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